Thursday, October 20, 2016

Saving Money on Dressing Kids

Kids can suck the money right out of you, so I've learned you have to save where you can.  Their clothes is a big thing.  First, young children have zero care about brand.  Nikes for a 3 year old?  Really?  If you are totally out of debt and have plenty of savings, go for it, but otherwise, no!

I discovered the wonders of Kmart for shoes when my kids were 4.  Sadly, many Kmarts have closed, but the shoes can be ordered online.  Athletec brand shoes are awesome.  They are routinely on sale as buy one get one half price which puts them about $12-15 each.  I found a pair in August and one in December kept them in their size and in good shoes.  The shoes are usually light weight and durable.  Plus they are cool looking.  At 7, every pair of athletic shoes my kids have are from Kmart.  None of them have complained or asked for anything else.

For clothes, The Children's Place is my go to for casual wear.  You can't beat their $5.99 jeans sale.  I bulk buy this size and a couple of the next in case of growth spurts.  Their 50% off online sale is great.  I'm not crazy about all their dress up clothes now, but when my kids were little, I loved them.  My kids tend to live in their t-shirts (best deal is the $3.99 sale 1-2 times a year, but often $4.99).

For dresses, I don't have a special place.  I always keep an eye out.  Don't forget Sam's Club and BJ's.  (I don't have a Costco near me but assume they would have similar things.) I grab things when I see them.  Just last night I grabbed dressy outfits for Christmas presents for my girls because they were at BJ's and a decent price.

Kohl's can be a source when your work their deals.  Getting the Kohl's cash and redeeming it can help.  I shop in-store with my phone and order most things, as the percent off is often higher online.

I buy clothes I know they will need while they are on sale.  I always get 1-2 things in the next size up, knowing that if I don't, a growth spurt is guaranteed.

Discover Card used to offer The Children's Place gift cards using your cashback bonus with a $25 card costing $20.  Sadly they have discontinued that gift card.  They still offer Marshall's/TJMaxx and several others.

And generally, the real secret is keep an eye out.  Buy only what they need and what you know they will use.  When they were tiny, I could buy a year ahead off the clearance rack.  Now buying ahead isn't as easy.  Fortunately their growth is slowing down and some things can be worn for two seasons in a row.

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  1. Do you have a rewards Visa? I charged my new flooring and just got $81.00 back into my account. Also, you get a 2% kickback from grocery stores, even BJ's, Sam's Club, and Costco. At Kroger, they have some weekends when you get the 4X fuel points when you buy gift cards. You can buy Kohl's gift cards there, get the fuel points and the 2% Last time I got gas, I got $1.00 off/gallon. Gasoline give you a 3% kickback into your banking or savings account. Just make sure that you pay off your Visa every month, and you'll save a pretty good bit. You know how to work the system...Just do it!