Sunday, November 27, 2016


I'm not a crazy couponer. I don't have time, energy, nor storage space for insane couponing. So here's my take on it:

Yes, I use coupons. But I only use the ones I know I will use. I went thorough a stage of buying stuff because I had a coupon. Now I buy what I know I'll use and coupon as an accessory.

I use Southern Savers as a couponing source.  It breaks down with. Links to stores and their best deals. Many printable  coupons are linked from there.

I also use my Kroger Card for coupons. I have a Kroger credit card. It helps with saving extra money at the gas pumps as well as it gives you a small rebate check monthly. And then there's he digital coupons. Kroger has some pretty good ones. I load everything I might use since it's pretty effortless, and then if I check out and they come off, fabulous!

I shop at Publix as well. Nothing beats their bogos, especially if you have coupons--one per item and so, take Mueller's pasta. If it's bogo, it's about 89 cents a box. If you have a 15 cent coupon for each box, that makes it 74 cents each, or $1.48 for two. State laws vary for bogo deals, but here we can buy one for half price. Sales tend to rotate about every 6 weeks at Public, so keep an eye out.

And then there's the "I'm too busy to run a lot of places, so let me go to Walmart" trips. I don't usually coupon but I do use the app and Savings Catcher.  I am building my funds there. There is a warning that to get the money out takes several hours so don't think you can request them while in the checkout line.

As a single mom to 3, I am mindful of time and energy. I wish I could coupon like crazy, but I just don't have it in me.

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