Sunday, November 6, 2016

Saving Money by Doing It Yourself

So the car remote died. I have a second one, but it usually stays tucked away with extra keys attached to it. My daily go to remote is jus the car key and the house key. And suddenly it died. Granted, the van is a 2009 and I've never changed the remote battery, so I'm not surprised it died. And so, I did some price checking and found a new remote was about $80. Not happening. A new battery for it was about $1. That sounds better. I don't know what the dealership should charge me to change it. I didn't bother. Logically, the battery has to be changeable. So I went to my favorite "how to" site, YouTube.

A quick search of make and year brought me to several videos on how to change the battery. I'm cautious, so I watched several. They all said the same thing. However, they weren't for my exact van, but I tried following them anyway. And guess what?  It worked. I have a new battery in my remote for $1.

I've also changed my watch battery (it's a Timex) myself. The part that made me nervous there was stepping in my watch to reclose the back, but it worked. And it cost $1 instead of $6 at the watch store. And an interesting fact: the 3 jewelers I've asked won't change Timex batteries. The only place I've had to do it was the clock store. They did it twice, and I've done it twice.

Saving $5-10 doing little things like this is how you save money. Neither task was hard and will be easier the next time.

I had a woman in her 40s say to me that she could never do anything like this herself. That's why she has a man. I'm all about men who can do but at the same time, I don't thjnk women should be unable to look after themselves. In fact, I found I knew much more about keeping a home running through DIY than my ex did. It's smart, saves money, and doesn't take that much longer than having to sit by while a repairman does it for you.

So if you aren't handy with basic tools, learn to be. My favorite tool store is Harbor Freight since they're cheap. You can stick a tool box for under $100 there and have everything you need for most home repair jobs. Last night I needed 2 flat head screwdrivers. There they were in my toolbox. A cheap battery, 10 minutes, and 2 screwdrivers saved up to $80. Done.

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