Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The bargain hunt

I don't always find the perfect bargain nor do I have time for the perfect bargain hunt. But Friday night I scored a pair of jeans for $4.

I went to Kohl's as my one pair of jeans were in sad shape and my sneakers had holes in the top. It was time. I went to the jeans first. I grabbed 3 pair of Lees in my usual size. Some were on sale but not all the SKUs seemed to match, so I went to the price check machine. I scanned one, posted sale price. Pair 2, posted sale price. Pair 3, $4. Woah...  so I head to the dressing room. Pair one fit. Not a spectacular price but I was in need. Pair 2. It fit but I didn't like the fit. Pair 3.  Silent prayer to please fit for only $4. I put them on. The button was 4 inches from the button hole with no chance of meeting. I WILL NOT be deterred, so I headed back to the display and started digging. I marched style and SKU number. I swallowed my ego and tried on a pair 2 sizes larger than I usually wear. They fit perfectly. For $4, I can cut the size out. I don't care. If they fit, it's good for me.

I did buy pair 1 and the undisclosed size of pair 3. I had a few other things to the order. In the end, one pair of name brand sneakers, 2 pair women's jeans, and 4 girls shirts for $100.74 plus tax (after a $10 coupon and a 10% discount), and I earned $20 in Kohl's cash.  It wasn't the best bargain ever, but I am very proud of my $4 jeans. I wore them today. They feel as good as a $40 pair.

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