Friday, November 25, 2016

'Tis the Season...

This is the time of year that we all tend to make financial mistakes. Please be careful.

I did some impulse shopping on Black Friday deals. I'm seriously considering taking one large purchase back. I'll decide over the next week.

It was my birthday week, so I took advantage of Kohl's online deals on Monday and bought a few deals for me. Total=$60. Not too bad.

I bought my kids some clothes from The Children's Place. Total=$75.

I did go to Walmart to shop for Santa Thursday afternoon.  Total=240. However, $65 was for my sister and $50 will be returned, I think, so remove those and total=$135. That's much better.

3 Kindles ($33.33 each on Amazon), cases, and 64gb micro sd cards=$155.

Prior purchases (I've been getting a few small things since September) total=75.

That finishes Santa and all gifts from me to the kids as well as gifts to the other family members I need to buy for. So, Christmas total=$500. It's not awesome but it's not bad at all. I have many friends who spend a bunch more than that on each child.

So where is the money coming from?  That's the real question. I have been putting aside $50 a month for my Christmas Fund. It goes into savings and is just there. I allow myself to pull out $600 if I need to for Christmas. This year I won't have to touch it all because I didn't spend it all and I am replacing some that I did spend by working two Saturdays between now and Christmas.

The biggest thing is to think of what you really want to do for Christmas. Prioritize and find a way. I'm not into the trendy gifts (no Hatchanimals here). I think in terms of what the kids would like, what's important to me, and the display impact (Santa doesn't wrap here, so it's about the wow factor when they walk into the room Christmas  morning.

So with just a tiny bit of effort, you can still do a great Christmas for everyone. I'll post pictures when the holiday comes so you can see it all.

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